Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Clarice…

Because not only can you make your face look younger…
But you can also scare the crap out of your kids while you do it.
It’s a win win.
Rejuvenique face mask – because women will do anything to retain their youth…really, absolutely anything.
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Potty Training…

You may or may not know that we’ve been deep in the throws of potty training our two and a half year old daughter for the past few days.

(you can offer any advice or condolences in the comments below)

As I was searching the internet for helpful and possibly time saving products to help with this task – I found this:
It’s the Peter Potty Urinal for Toddler Boys.

Granted…I’m training a girl, and this may lend to the reason why I’m seeing this one in it’s full ridiculous glory.  I can see (in nightmares past, after all, I do have a five year old boy) where frustrated parents of toddler boys might jump onto the Peter Potty Bandwagon, and might even take the time to mount it to the wall (for safety and security – of course.)

I just for some reason see this thing turning into a bathroom play time toy/water fountain.  I could be wrong, but - you know I’m right.   And I can see you making the faces that I’ve been making all morning.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday - Get Buttoned Up.

Three years ago, we lived in a town called Laveen, Arizona.  It was the height of the wildfire season, and we were under a constant threat of evacuation as a fire burned approximately three miles from our home.

Even though we had two major roads to serve as fire breaks, I was still concerned.  It isn’t every day that a fire threatens to wipe out your entire neighborhood, your schools, parks, stores, homes…Let’s just say it was a tiny bit disconcerting.

One thing I had working in my favor was this.


This is Life.doc  - and it’s definitely a Fabulous Find.  Inside this seemingly unassuming little binder are several tabs – organizing your most important documents and papers.  There’s a place for birth certificates, immunization records, insurance policies, emergency contact numbers, health records (was little Jimmy allergic to penicillin or was it Tabitha?).  It takes a few hours to set up and fill out – but worth every minute once done.

In addition, we also have Valuables.doc- the binder to help you catalog all your valuables and irreplaceable in the event of something truly unimaginable, like a wildfire or home burglary.  There’s a place to store photos, receipts, serial numbers, and other important –yet easily forgettable in a stressful situation – information.

Get Buttoned UP! has products for organizing and simplifying many aspects of life.  And I truly do consider them a Fabulous Find.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miracle on Ice

When I was little, my parents used to flood the local field in the winter.  When it was frozen we’d get all the kids from the neighborhood together and put on our ice skates and take to our newly created skating rink to pretend we were Olympic Hockey stars winning the gold with Mike Eruzione and the Miracle team of 1980...

Oh, wait – no, that’s a scene out of The Mighty Ducks.

I live in Phoenix.

However, now you can make a skating rink for your kids in your backyard (again, provided you live somewhere that it actually gets COLD) – and, says the manufacturer, it’s big enough for those tots to “skate like the pros”.

Um….hmmmm….I’m definitely not a Hockey player or figure skater…but, ummm…welll…I’m not really certain there really is enough room there to skate like a pro.  Just guessing anyway.  Besides, the best part about ice skating is watching the Zamboni – is it not?  I just don’t think we’d be able to get one of those on there…Sure, with some elbow grease and creativity, maybe…
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What’s More Interesting…

The toy itself, or the directions?

Here’s the toy:


To be honest, I’m not entirely certain what this is.  The directions for use should help right?
    This is a very funny toy with a famous proverb "Money talks". Beautiful and funny song sings "money,money,money...I can do anything for you". Best gift for the kids. Description:

    • This Funny Skeleton Toy is a very funny Kids Toy with a famous proverb : Money makes the mare go.

    • A super funny Grinder Toy for your kids who is ups to 3 years old

    • Made of durable hard plastic

    • Grinding Skeleton Toy powered by 3AA batteries(not included)

    • Open the up cover of millstone, put some shampoo in it.

    • Add 10ml water from the pinhole

    • Fix the skeleton

    • Turn on the switch

    • Put a coin into the rectangle hole and then you can see the skeleton is grinding for money with flashing. When the foam falls off, open the up cover, put some shampoo and water in the millstone will be ok.
    Ummm…. yea, that clears it up, thanks.
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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Win A CandleBreeze!

    No too long ago, on Fabulous Finds Friday I featured an Awesome product called the CandleBreeze.

    I love my CandleBreeze.

    I want everyone to have one.

    So, after seeing my post, CandleBreeze contacted me and wants to do something very special for my readers. They want to give YOU a CandleBreeze!

    What's included - a Small CandleBreeze and Two Cand-o's.(one Cinnamon candy, and one other scent - chosen by CandleBreeze)

    Go to to check them out.  And if you can't wait to WIN your CandleBreeze - they are graciously offering my readers a 40% discount - use coupon code "Tamara" on checkout.

    We gave away our first one on March 1 2010 - to DARCIE K.

    Our APRIL 1 2010 winner was - Tara G

    (we may be giving out another candlebreeze in the future...stay tuned!)
    Rules remained the same:

    How to enter:
    1) Become a Follower via the Google Friend Connect.

    2) Tweet "I just entered to win a CandleBreeze form - You can too! #someonewillbuy" (you MUST remember the #someonewillbuy - or I won't be able to find your TWEET! Also if you enter Via Twitter - be sure to become a follower of @someonewillbuy - or I won't be able to contact you when you win!)

    Good Luck!

    Tiddy Bear


    Isn’t he a cute little guy? 

    (and I say he because I firmly believe this one has to be a boy – and yes, I do name all my stuffed animals – why do you ask?)

    Anyway – this little guy is special.  He’s apparently your new best buddy in the car.

    He’s your Tiddy Bear.

    He rides on your shoulder strap snuggling up to you and keeping your most delicate and sensitive skin from chafing from the seat belt.

    Here’s the infomercial:

    I’m no guy – but I know several, and I’m married to one…and I’m sure that had this been invented by a man – this little guy would look more like this:

     Tiddy Bear

    (admit it, you’re diggin’ on the photoshop skills….)

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    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Why sit, when you can stand?

    I’m a busy mom.

    Sometimes the only time I get to sit down is in the bathroom.


    And yet, I’m strangely intrigued by the following:


    I’ll say one thing – and guys – you’ll just have to pretend you understand.  (Imagining all the male readers collectively smiling and nodding in agreement…)  I suppose this product would definitely save on the toilet-paper-on-the-seat-legs-shaking-butt-hover-potty-dance that many women find themselves doing when faced with relieving themselves in public restrooms.  It’s a real thing.  I promise.  Our mothers train us in the delicate motions from a very young age…

    I also understand this product is travel friendly.  It folds up nicely and neatly and can be stowed in your pocket.

    ***giving you a few minutes for the “used” storage possibilities to set in….***

    Now…combine this one with the Road Bag and the Pee Pee Bottle– and you’ll only need to stop for gas on your next road trip.  And, as my husband duly noted – if you outfit all your passengers with the Subtle Butt as well – the trip would be even more pleasant.    Ok, not in MY car…but you know – possibly somewhere, with some family…

    You found the gift card for 8/20/2010!  Be the first to email me at to claim it!
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    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    They’re Always After Me Lucky Charms…

    Actually, if I were one of these pets, I’d be looking for a lucky charm to get me outta this thing.

    image image image
    That’s right kids – if you wanted to *and again, I have to admit right now that I am NOT a dog owner* you can dress up old Lucky as Lucky – the magical leprechaun.  Ya, because who wouldn’t want to do that?
    Frosted Lucky Charms --- THEY’RE Magically Delicious!
    (okay, so the Lucky Charms Jingle has nothing to do with these pet costumes…but it’s been in my head all day, and now it’s in yours.  You’re welcome.)
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    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    C’mon Barbie…Let’s go Potty…

    sing with me….

    I’m a Barbie Girl – in a Barbie world…it’s dogs pee on plastic…


    Yes, my friends – even a big company like Mattel isn’t immune to momentary lapses in product creation judgment. In this case it’s their second momentary lapse – on the same subject.

    The Barbie Potty Training Pups – the newer of the two play sets (the older is called Barbie Luv me 3 Taffy)  Even my four year old daughter proclaimed “That’s GROSS MOM!” after watching the commercial.  I suppose it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea if they hadn’t decided to make the “newspaper” turn yellow and brown (yes, I said BROWN) when wet.


    I changed my mind. 

    Still a horrible idea.

    Here’s the commercial that grossed out my four year old.  On the bright side – she doesn’t want a puppy anymore.
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    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Fabulous Finds Friday - The CandleBreeze

    The CandleBreeze.

    I not only have one, but I wish I had one more!

    If you like to cook with garlic, you’ll want one.

    If you have pets, you’ll want one.

    If you have kids (that often come with their own set of fragrances…)  you’ll definitely want one!

    What is a Candle Breeze you ask?  It’s a flameless candle, that goes a little beyond a simple candle warmer.  It has an integrated fan that allows the scent to gently waft through the house…filling up to 2500 square feet with only one unit.

    That’s right sports fans…2500 square feet.

    And it’s perfectly safe.  (And since my recent house fire involving electric appliances…I’m even more paranoid than ever…but not about my CandleBreeze.)

    My favorite scent (at the moment) is fresh peach, but vanilla sugar cookie is growing on me too…oh and fresh oranges and then there’s the cinnamon one…oooo and don’t forget the spiced wassail at Christmastime…On second thought, I have no favorite.  I like them all.

    Anyway – this is a Fabulous Friday Find.  I think everyone should have one.  Really.  Everyone.

    ***UPDATE SUNDAY FEB 21,2010***
    This Just IN - Everyone CAN have one!!!  (well, not EVERYONE...but..well..)  Click on the Contests! link above or go here for more info.

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Commercials that Shouldn’t – Episode II

    The Smart Mop.

    I have to admit – the guy that invented the Smart Mop (which is essentially a mop made out of a Sham Wow!) was super genius.

    I also have to admit that using the down economy as a marketing tool is also super genius.  This thing can actually save you money – what with being able to drink the soda that you just cleaned up off the floor and all…

    Wait, what?

    In these tough times – put it back into the glass, and it’s ready to drink again… thanks. I'm not thirsty anymore.

    In case you are keeping score – marketing guys 2, producers of infomercial, 0.
    (Video found on Youtube via “” which also is loaded with comedy gold.)
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    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    The Cupcake Cake

    Yes, the cupcake cake.
    I’m not talking about the Big Top Cupcake Pan – which actually, I think is fairly cool…
    No, I’m talking about the “cakes” created from thirty or so cupcakes, placed closely together and then iced over so they look like, or at least attempt to look like a sheet cake.

    I’m not even sure who invented this one.  So many have tried to make them into something beautiful, or whimsical, or cute…and so many have failed…horribly, miserably failed.

    Here are a few gems that bakers (professional bakers, mind you) actually thought people would buy:
    That’s supposed to be a fish.  A Clown fish I suppose.

    This Is Brobe from Yo Gabba Gabba…which in and of itself is quite creepy.

    and then there are the single cupcake cakes:

    (I think that’s a turtle…courtesy of Wal-Mart)

    Now- that’s a cake.  (EEEEEEK!)

    If you want to see more fabulous cakey-ness – be sure to visit Jen Yates over at Cakewrecks.  She’s got an extreme dislike for the triple “C” as well – but her photos are oh-so-much-better than mine.
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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Pee Pee Bottle

    This is supposedly designed to rescue parents from the disgusting public restrooms.  You simply open the lid, and allow your children to – um…relieve themselves into the special “My Pee Pee Bottle”.
    Two things…
    1) What kid has good enough aim so that this is entirely hygienic?
    2) ….blank stare….nevermind….
    And, just so you know – the product does come equipped with a warning:
    “Do NOT allow the child to put the bottle or lids in his or her mouth”.
    Yes, thank you for telling me that…wow, catastrophe avoided.
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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Two Words…Hoodie Footie

    My two year old looks absolutely adorable in her footie pajamas.

    They are pink, have polka dots, and are made of a soft velour fabric that makes you want to snuggle up to her and just hold her close forever.

    So, who wouldn’t want a pair of those pajamas?


    Um yea, because nothing says “sexy” like four yards of pink velour on a fully grown woman.  The folks at pajama gram seem to have it all worked out – you see, you can only buy this beauty in a set. 


    That’s right ladies – this one is two gifts in one.  You get the sexy red ruby velour two piecer for those nights when you are – let’s say, “in the mood”….and for the nights when you aren’t…well, just don this beauty, I have a feeling it’ll will work much quicker than any cold shower ever could.

    Thank you Kim G. for finding this one…I’m still looking for the video.


    After writing this post, I received call from a girlfriend of mine.  She actually did receive this very  Hoodie Footie as a valentine’s gift from her boyfriend.   It  made me think about a previously un-thought of group of people affected by purchases of the products featured here on SWBI … the recipients.  Let’s all hold a moment of silence for those who must smile, grin and bear such gifts…and a special moment for my friend…thank you.

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    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Because I Love You…

    Nothing quite says it better than giving your loved one the Ebola virus.
    or Maggots.
    or of course the ever popular Swine Flu…
    At Giant Microbes you can get your loved one the gift that you can be sure shows them just how much you care this Valentines Day.

    Or, you could just stick with Chocolate and flowers - or nothing …nothing at all. 

    Trust me, as a woman – the “nothing” route is going to get you in a lot less trouble than if you were to give your wife or girlfriend say…..Herpes.
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    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    One…two…three…four – I declare a THUMB WAR!

    No more amateur thumb wrestling matches.

    Oh no.

    We’re going all PRO now, Baby…

    Uh huh.

    Nacho Libre look out.  This is the next big thing in (thumb) wrestling. 

    Between this and the Chinese finger trap, I believe we’ve now cornered the hand-exercise market.

    Don’t even go there.  This is a family blog.
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    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Fabulous Finds Friday - The Demy

    Ok, SWBI fans – here’s the deal…my husband seems to think that I will eventually run out of witty and interesting things to say about the weird and unusual products out there.  He also seems to think that there is going to come a day that I’m going to run out of products to um…discuss.  SO – he suggested a new weekly feature…Fabulous Finds Friday.

    One day a week we’ll feature one really cool product – something I wish someone would buy for me.  *hint hint, husband dear…I know you are reading this*

    So – our inaugural post …The Demy.

    No, it isn’t a push up bra.

    If you like to cook, bake, or generally make messes in the kitchen with food – this thing may just be right up your alley.  It’s kind of like a Kindle for the kitchen.  It holds 2,500 recipes, available at your finger tips – it’s splash resistant, has a touch screen…and the pages will NEVER get stuck together causing an inability to be able to read the recipe in the future. 

    I SOOOO want to buy one of these.
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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    The Baby Keeper

    I’m a mother of five, and I have to admit – sometimes it’s difficult to keep my ever watchful eye on all five children at once.  And don’t get me started on when they were babies…oh goodness…they were all over the house – and lightning fast!  Too bad I didn’t have a Baby Keeper!  Oh no, of course not…I wasn’t quite that lucky.


    Okay…so maybe this is a much better idea than hanging your child on the door knob in a plastic sack (which I also do NOT recommend – for the record.  I mean hey – if those bags rip with only a few cans of corn in them…not that I’ve tried it, because I haven’t, really.)  It’s also a much better method than this:


    I mean the money saved on the repainting and duct tape alone…

    (I’m shaking my head here…really, I’ve got nothing more to add to this – okay, you know me better than that, I have A LOT more I can add to this, but there is only so much time in the day…and you, my dear readers, need to get back to work….)

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    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    G’day Sir…it’s time you rose to meet the world…

    What is your first thought each morning when you wake?

    Are you happy?

    Are you anxious to start your day with sunshine and rainbows with the occasional bunny hopping by?

    OR is it more like – the first person to speak to you is going to regret it…especially if you haven’t left the safe and comfortable confines of your bed…

    Yes, that’s more like me too.  So I can assure you – I will not ever own one of these:


    Small and unassuming – yes.  Annoying and possible morning murder weapon?  Absolutely.

    So what does it do?  Instead of waking you up with music or in extreme cases loud buzzing noises…this one wakes you with the cheery voice of Jeeves…England’s favorite butler.

    Wake to:

    "Excuse me sir, I'm so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning... Very inconvenient, I agree... I believe it is the rotation of the Earth that is to blame, sir,"

    or asks

    "Shall I inform the news agencies that you are about to rise, sir?"

    And if you don’t wake up to Jeeves’ gentle prodding…the thing starts beeping at a gentle but loud frequency.  Pressing snooze doesn’t alleviate the pain either…Jeeves simply replies:  "Sir has a firm touch, but fair"

    Oh Brother…I have a feeling it’d end up embedded in my bedroom wall on the first morning, but that’s just a feeling.

    Found Here. (Hammacher Schlemmer – you know the annoying airplane catalog people.)

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