Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wooooaaahhh Daddy….

For the day when your achin’ back just can’t take anymore, but your kids just can’t get enough…


The Daddle.

If mom wears it is it the Momdle?

What about the Grandpadle?
(Nevermind, that sounds like something that would happen if Grandpa’s Depends fail.)

Found at: http://www.mamabebe.com/playhorhasne.html – giddy’up.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fine. I bought a Snuggie.

For Dogs.


That’s right, I admit it, since becoming a dog owner I’ve actually broken down and purchased some of the things I found totally ridiculous before becoming a dog owner.

I will allow five minutes of public mocking – starting now.

There now, do you feel better?

Even with this public admission I promise now to never, ever purchase some of the other things featured – such as Freeze Poop Spray, Poop Tent, or Dog Powered Scooter.

Or this…

(puppy Tweets – the electronic collar that translates your dog’s bark into English phrases…and then tweets them.)

Because I have a hard enough time maintaining my own blog, let alone one for Summer.

Found here:http://puppytweet.com/ and around the necks of poor defenseless puppies everywhere.  Or nowhere.  Or just in Japan.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What the….????

I like my nails as much as the next girl…

of course if the next girl is THIS girl, maybe like like my nails MORE than she does, because I’m not sure this is completely sanitary or kind, or productive, or…sane???


Just sayin’.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Diamonds? Cubic Zircon? No…

It’s Grandma.

Or Fido.

Or Uncle Ste-vah.

Whatever you wish.


You see – you can send them the ashes of your recently (or not so recently) deceased loved one, and they will create a piece of Gemstone jewelry for you to wear.


So Grandma can always be close to your heart…

Or Fido can rest comfortably around your neck.

In gemstone form, of course.

Think – diamonds…with floating imperfections. (Although of course I would never call your Uncle Ste-vah an “imperfection”)

found at http://www.mycrystalcompanion.com and submitted by http://www.mycrystalcompanion.com, and I quote “we do have a certain sense of humor about our product and that is what has prompted us to contact you”

Thank you for contacting me…really – thank you.

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