Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Now With Magical Marshmallows…

I was at the store the other day.  We’ll call the store “Schmall-mart” (only because I need to protect the retailer from certain embarrassment simply because they carry this product….)  Anyway I was in the freezer section looking for something healthy and good for you (what…it could happen…) and I found these:


Cereal Conez…now with Magical Marshmallows.

Think Drumsticks – only….not.

Remember how your favorite part of the Lucky Charms used to be the Marshmallows?  That is before you grew up and got all health conscious…okay well some of you did. 

These cones attempt to mix our two favorite things from childhood – ice cream cones and Magical Marshmallows.

I. Had. To. Try. Them.


Yes, that’s me.  Don’t laugh.

I invited my friend Ginger over and we proceeded to experiment…well I did.  She took the pictures…lucky, lucky girl.

The reveal….
The discovery…


The texture test…ooooooo….Spongy….(which by the way, I’m not even certain is a word, but Ginger and I say it is…so there.)


The first attempted bite…It was a false start…I smelled the marshmallow goodness and had to regroup…besides, the marshmallows were not like the ones I remembered from my bowl of Lucky Charms last night when I was little…they were soft and squishy and … well…not at all what I was expecting.


Okay…here we go…ready, set…


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  But look at all the pretty colors…


Sad to say, it wasn’t exactly the magical moment I was promised…however the kids liked them…which is good, because I would hate to say that I just took a three dollar bite of marshmallow magic.


They certainly look happy…

P1090370 P1090369  P1090368

Caution: not to be eaten without supervision…there is chocolaty goodness that coats the inside of the spongified (again, it is a word because WE say so…) cone after all…


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Karrine McFarlane said...

hmmm that cone didn't look like the one in the box ...

Heathermac17 said...

I cant believe you totally did a "LOOKIE" for all to see! Dad will be so proud!

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