Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Cupcake Cake

Yes, the cupcake cake.
I’m not talking about the Big Top Cupcake Pan – which actually, I think is fairly cool…
No, I’m talking about the “cakes” created from thirty or so cupcakes, placed closely together and then iced over so they look like, or at least attempt to look like a sheet cake.

I’m not even sure who invented this one.  So many have tried to make them into something beautiful, or whimsical, or cute…and so many have failed…horribly, miserably failed.

Here are a few gems that bakers (professional bakers, mind you) actually thought people would buy:
That’s supposed to be a fish.  A Clown fish I suppose.

This Is Brobe from Yo Gabba Gabba…which in and of itself is quite creepy.

and then there are the single cupcake cakes:

(I think that’s a turtle…courtesy of Wal-Mart)

Now- that’s a cake.  (EEEEEEK!)

If you want to see more fabulous cakey-ness – be sure to visit Jen Yates over at Cakewrecks.  She’s got an extreme dislike for the triple “C” as well – but her photos are oh-so-much-better than mine.
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happishopr said...

These crack me up! Who thought they would be cute?

Gingah said...

Funny part is, my kids think their dad needs the big top cupcake cake for Father's Day. They've been talking about it for about 2 years now. Hmmm...interresting substitute for a tie, huh?

Rizz said...

Mmmmm I that is a pur---dy cupcake cake!

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