Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tiddy Bear


Isn’t he a cute little guy? 

(and I say he because I firmly believe this one has to be a boy – and yes, I do name all my stuffed animals – why do you ask?)

Anyway – this little guy is special.  He’s apparently your new best buddy in the car.

He’s your Tiddy Bear.

He rides on your shoulder strap snuggling up to you and keeping your most delicate and sensitive skin from chafing from the seat belt.

Here’s the infomercial:

I’m no guy – but I know several, and I’m married to one…and I’m sure that had this been invented by a man – this little guy would look more like this:

 Tiddy Bear

(admit it, you’re diggin’ on the photoshop skills….)

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love the grin! he just needs some "ooh la la" raised eyebrows to go with it! LOL

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