Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Concept is Right – But The Execution is Lacking…

I love the dollar store.

There are so many awesome finds there for so many things.  Stocking stuffers – for one – can be found a plenty at the dollar store.

Why do they have such great deals?  

Usually it’s because some manufacturer has misprinted a label, a store has ordered too many of a product, and other times it’s simply because a product did not sell – no matter what they did to promote it.  A lot of times, things end up at the dollar store because they have some not too obvious design flaws that only stand out when you stare at it for an extended period of time…


Do you see it yet?  It’s like Trouble only with Race Cars right?


Um yea – that’ll spread Holiday Cheer alright…


*shudder* excuse me while I go wash the “ick” off…

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Retro is all the rage, but…

Just as I think we should really leave most 80’s fashions in the 80’s…I’m pretty sure the clunky phone handset can stay there too.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for a headset for my phone, I’m looking for something a little more hands free and barely noticeable.  (I have so much fun having conversations with people on the phone and people in the store wonder if I am talking to them or not…really, try it – it’s great fun for a Friday night…in related news, I have no life.)


Anywho – if you want this thing – I suppose for the novelty of it all – you can get it here

Just try not to use it while driving.  I’m pretty sure that would get you pulled over.  Not because you were on the phone mind you, mostly because you might be suspected of being under the influence.  Just Sayin’.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to Trim the Tree…

When trimming your tree this year – please, don’t forget the ornaments that have somehow journeyed here from the island of misfit toys…

Yes, that’s a pickle.  Because no tree is complete without a pickle.

Because there might just be one child in your house who isn’t yet afraid of clowns…yet.

Kids…did you ever wonder how Santa could “see you when you’re sleeping and know when you’re awake….” 

And don’t even get me started on the whole selection of “Pornaments” offered by Spencer’s Gifts.  Yea, I totally am NOT going there…

And finally – just to prove that our UPS guys have an amazing sense of humor – because you know they’d have to in a season of a million packages…

Ahhh…the beauty, the splendor – the – smell of cardboard.

Merry Christmas Shoppers!

Special thanks to Bronners, Spencers Gifts, and UPS for these, um … fabulous additions to the holiday decor.  No, really.  Thank you.  Without you guys – I’d really have nothing to do.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Trinkets

It’s always fun when you are traveling to go and look at the tourist items they have for sale.  You know the stuff – postcards with picturesque views of the state you are visiting, spoons shaped like copper shovels, hats that say “Lost my Head in Arizona” stuff like that. 

Here in Arizona it’s especially fun because all of our trinkets have pictures of rattlesnakes and scorpions on them…because you know – that’s all we’re known for out here.

But don’t forget next time you visit my lovely state of Arizona to pick up your Arizona Flask…


Ah, the beauty, the functionality – the travel sized Key-chain version…


Found at my local Wal-Mart with the Arizona shot glasses.  And I only got one or two funny looks as I took the pictures too…

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just because it works for Apple…

Doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

Seriously people, stop putting the small letter “i” in front of your product names. 

It does not make you cool any more guys than signing up for Ballroom Dancing at BYU guarantees them a date…

(Chortle…snort…sorry, if you don’t go to BYU or don’t know about BYU that isn’t funny to you – but it’s stinkin’ hilarious to me :)


For instance…



Or the:


iBalance (it’s a fancy schmancy scale)

or how about:


the iGo spray bottle?  Oh now we’re just getting silly.

Here’s another iGo…


At least this one is a GPS System so the name kinda makes sense…

Let’s stop this insanity now – please I beg of you.  The tiny “i” has got to go.  I mean what would happen if we all started copying wildly successful phenomenon's?  Things like “Dancing with the Stars” would become some silly knock off like “Skating With The Stars” and then where would we be???


They DID???

Oh.  Well then little “i” people, carry on. 

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