Saturday, February 20, 2010

C’mon Barbie…Let’s go Potty…

sing with me….

I’m a Barbie Girl – in a Barbie world…it’s dogs pee on plastic…


Yes, my friends – even a big company like Mattel isn’t immune to momentary lapses in product creation judgment. In this case it’s their second momentary lapse – on the same subject.

The Barbie Potty Training Pups – the newer of the two play sets (the older is called Barbie Luv me 3 Taffy)  Even my four year old daughter proclaimed “That’s GROSS MOM!” after watching the commercial.  I suppose it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea if they hadn’t decided to make the “newspaper” turn yellow and brown (yes, I said BROWN) when wet.


I changed my mind. 

Still a horrible idea.

Here’s the commercial that grossed out my four year old.  On the bright side – she doesn’t want a puppy anymore.
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