Monday, February 22, 2010

Why sit, when you can stand?

I’m a busy mom.

Sometimes the only time I get to sit down is in the bathroom.


And yet, I’m strangely intrigued by the following:


I’ll say one thing – and guys – you’ll just have to pretend you understand.  (Imagining all the male readers collectively smiling and nodding in agreement…)  I suppose this product would definitely save on the toilet-paper-on-the-seat-legs-shaking-butt-hover-potty-dance that many women find themselves doing when faced with relieving themselves in public restrooms.  It’s a real thing.  I promise.  Our mothers train us in the delicate motions from a very young age…

I also understand this product is travel friendly.  It folds up nicely and neatly and can be stowed in your pocket.

***giving you a few minutes for the “used” storage possibilities to set in….***

Now…combine this one with the Road Bag and the Pee Pee Bottle– and you’ll only need to stop for gas on your next road trip.  And, as my husband duly noted – if you outfit all your passengers with the Subtle Butt as well – the trip would be even more pleasant.    Ok, not in MY car…but you know – possibly somewhere, with some family…

You found the gift card for 8/20/2010!  Be the first to email me at to claim it!
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