Thursday, May 26, 2011

SO much for imagination

Are kids these days really so devoid of imagination that a good felt tip pen can't create a memory anymore?

Really, a hand drawn eyeball on your hand doesn't create hours of fun and puppet play anymore?


Honestly, where's the imagination these days?  When I was a kid, I could have totally dreamt these up with a ball point pen and a flashlight.  Possibly some bubble gum and a paperclip too - er, no, wait, that was MacGuyver.  Sorry - wrong memory.

Either way - kids are just not as creative on their own as we were as kids.  Honestly, when I was little I had a stick and some string and I was entertained for hours.  No - wait, that was my cat...or Huckleberry Finn...either way, wrong memory again my apologies.

I guess I really did have a deprived childhood.  But still - it is a sad world we live in when kids can't just enjoy a hand drawn face on someone's hand while it makes animal noises...wait...nevermind.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Commercials that Shouldn't - Vintage Ads

There are a ton of ads that run daily that deserve a mention - but - - - bad ads started somewhere.  Let's take a look at some of the ads that plagued us as children - the ones that will stay with us forever, no matter how hard we try to forget.

Head On ... a company that is so successful they could only produce a 10 second commercial and then played it in a loop in order to fill the 30 second spot..."apply directly to the forehead" ... that is after you bang it into the wall repeatedly after seeing this commercial ninety times while watching daytime television (which also may be causing you to bang your head against the wall - depending on the channel.)

Who can forget this one?  Seriously - who can???  I think it's still playing. I wonder if this ad would hold up as evidence if I actually did return my tire that way...they did ask me to, right?

Of course if I didn't put this one in a post about annoying vintage commercials - I'd probably lose my blogger license.  Really, they'd create one and then take it away because I didn't include the "Where's the Beef" lady.  On a side note - whenever I eat at any fast food restaurant I still wonder if that question has been answered...

Last but not least...this little bit of awesomeness.  I'm confused isn't Hawaiian Punch a kids drink???  What are they selling here anyway?

Oh and bonus points for the commenter that names the celebrity endorsements...

Please don't forget to join us on facebook at . . . hilarity and fun ensues there...I promise.  Plus, the occasional free give away.  But don't just come for the free stuff, come for the fun too.  It's like marrying rich - and cute.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Snuggie Goes Camping

Remember how we used to laugh at the Snuggie - the blanket with sleeves - and think "why didn't I think about selling backwards bath robes to poor unsuspecting individuals and earn lots of money while doing it?" Oh and we also thought "who on earth would buy that?" (because that is why you are here, after all)

Well now take a look - it's not a blanket with sleeves, it's a sleeping bag with legs.


Or if you aren't comfortable with a sleeping bag with legs - and you prefer your own footwear - (who doesn't, really.  I mean I don't like bowling alley's for a reason...)


I'll give it this - it is slightly more manly than the Snuggie for Men.

Only slightly though.  This one doesn't come in camouflage after all.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Loo Read

I know we've covered this a few times.  As a mother of five, I rarely get time alone.  I do retreat from time to time to the household throne room, close and lock the door and just bask in the quiet solitude.

(of course I only do this in the Master bedroom throne room - the others in the house aren't quite as relaxing if you get my drift...or if you were to get a whiff...same diff...hey I'm a poet!  Look ma, I can RHYME! on second thought, maybe a little free time outside of the throne room would be a good idea.)


According to the manufacturer - it's perfect for the tabloid sized newspapers - (because this is created in the UK an tabloid is the name for an actual newspaper - with real news and stuff, not just pictures of the latest mars invasion)  But larger newspapers will work well too with minimal overhang. 

Because the last thing you want in the bathroom is overhang.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Commercials That Shouldn't - Axe Body Spray

I admit it, the first time I saw an Axe commercial I thought it was clever.

Okay - that could have been while I was ill or sleep deprived or both.

(definitely both)

These new ones though - Bom Chicka Wah wah...

Definitely a Channel changer...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OSAMA's Dead Flask

A navy seal walks into a bar and orders an "Osama Bin Laden." The bartender looks at him quizzically and asks, "what's in that?" The seal replies..."Two shots and a splash of water."

Can I get a rimshot here? 

*ba dump bum*

Thank you, thank you folks, I'll be here all day!!!  Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

And now some words from our sponsor -

Yea, no words...just pictures.

Maybe a few words...Okay, I see why you'd want to commemorate that day.  Being that I don't drink any alcohol - do you suppose it'd be okay to put Koolaid in there?

Holds five shots, so you can say that you got your five shots in on Osama...image

Do you think red koolaid would be appropriate?

 Thank you Jarred of for contacting me about your product. I honestly can't wait to get the samples in the mail - and I'm going to have to come up with a very interesting giveaway for them.  A simple drawing doesn't do a product like this justice.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Denim and G-Strings

And now I've seen it all in the world of fashion.

The thing is, either I'm old or I'm completely out of touch with fashion these days because I honestly don't see the appeal to the average woman when it comes to these jeans.  The average I see where he'd enjoy seeing these worn...but the average woman? 

Of course, I have a daughter that wears high tops with shorts (as do the majority of her friends) and another daughter who swears pink ruffles are all the rage in the third maybe I'm not the one to ask when it comes to fashionable things...I get my advice from a 12 and 9 year old.  (Neither of which, by the way, would ever leave my home in these...not while I was still blessed with the gift of sight anyway).  You see - we have two rules in our house - your clothes have to be clean before you leave the house, and you cannot own anything that could possibly be mistaken for Snooki's wardrobe.



Sorry folks, if you want these, you're going to have to make them yourself or goto Korea or Japan.  They haven't quite made it to US retailers yet...I'm still flabbergasted as to why the buyers for Bloomies haven't jumped on these yet....

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday - Jimmie Chesh

Hello Someonewillbuythis readers...Meet Jimmie Chesh.  Jimmie Chesh - meet the Someonewillbuythis readers...

JimmieChesh is a musician - he plays the guitar, he sings, he dances - he's overall amazing.

(Okay, I lied about the dancing.)

But, he is amazing.

And he's today's Fabulous find.

Why?  Two reasons:

1) His music is real, it's sensitive, it's down to earth.  There isn't a single song I've found so far of his that makes me want to change the track.  In fact, it's the opposite.  I turn it up.  Waaaaay up.

2) He released five new songs today - and they are all free to download as MP3 files.

What's better than great music?

Great FREE music.

The five songs released today are all acoustic.  Just Jimmie and his Guitar.  He's got one of those voices that just makes you want to sit and listen.    A major influence is John Mayer ... let's all pause for a moment and appreciate that artist as well ... okay, moving on... And, as a person - he's also genuine.  I've gotten the extreme pleasure of getting to know Jimmie - and that makes me like his music even more.

So - visit him on facebook - or at his website and get to know him and his music.  He loves to interact with his fans/friends so send a shout out to him if you stop by.  And you know how hard it can be for a starving artist - so share him with your friends.  He won't mind.  (Sorry though girls, he's married.)

You can get Jimmie's free download by going to his website and registering or by becoming a fan on facebook.  In both cases, it's on the "music" page - and you can listen before you download, and then listen again, and again, and get the picture.

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Commercials that Shouldn't - Ranjit and Chad...

Pretty much anything by Metro PCS' team of Ranjit and Chad qualifies as one of the most annoying tv spots in the universe.  But here are a few of the "Favorites" submitted by some of our readers who apparently live in a TV market that play these often.

On a side note - Today I'd like to express just how grateful I am for my DVR.  So very, very grateful.


Sky Rest Travel Pillow

I've not been sleeping very well lately.

Could be the cold I've had.

Could be that it's coming up on our spring carnival at school (which I'm in charge of ) and nothing is ready.

Could be stress over the recent flood and subsequent deconstruction of my laundry room...

Could be a lot of things.

Anyway, I am not sleeping well.

Normally it isn't too bad - unless any combination of the above comes into play - or if I'm on an airplane.

I hate sleeping on airplanes.

I actually hate flying altogether.

Maybe - to help me on both fronts then, sleeping and flying, I need to get me one of these:


Yep, this is the answer to all my woes.  Until the guy in front of you reclines his seat, and the kid behind you starts kicking yours and the flight attendants try to bring your drink - and then there is the whole pesky, "seat backs and traytables in the fully upright and locked position."

Plus, it just makes you look like a dork.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's not a Fork...It's not a Spork...

It's a "Fork/Knife/Spoon thing" - or the "Light My Fire Spork" depending on which website you find it on.

I love it when the ridiculousness of the product is only outweighed by it's name.image

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Forever Lazy

I have to give the product name credit.  It does make me wonder what in the world it is - and secretly makes me want it, if it works that is.

What woman out there wouldn't like the opportunity to be "forever lazy?"

What woman wouldn't enjoy a day actually sitting around watching Grey's Anatomy (or insert your favorite non-animated show here)and eating bon bons at least one day in her life?

The name Forever Lazy conjures up robotic maids and in house chefs and grocery delivery, and pool boys named Gorgeous...or Bob.  Whatever - as long as they wear the uniform (you know what I mean...)

Forever Lazy certainly doesn't conjure up this:


It's not a Snuggie - it's a fitted blanket - with sleeves and legs and - yes - a trap door you can use when you need to answer the call of nature.

imageCan you say sexxxxxy?

Now can you say it with a straight face while referring to this thing?????

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


We've recently been looking into upgrading our surround sound system, so I've been learning a lot about Sub-woofers and tweeters and base speakers.

Yea, that's right, I'm a techno-geek. So?

Typically in any good surround sound setup you want a co-axial system (two speakers, for those that don't speak "speaker") at minimum, and well more than that for true surround.

Right now I'm looking for the "woofer" component.  I think these just might be perfect.


That shouldn't scare the kids, right?

found here. The artist/maker does state that this adds function to an otherwise grotesque object...which makes me wonder...just how many headless dog statues does he have at his house?
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best of the Worst Commercials.

There were a few nominations on our facebook page - but then this was brought up (sorry, bad choice of words).

It's the OMGIGP (Oh my Gosh I'm Gonna Puke) video for IE8...

Classy Microsoft.  Really Classy.

Comment below on this - or to suggest your favorite best of the worst.  Although, not really sure how you can get much worse than this...Flo from Progressive is a close second tho...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shed-a-Way Pet Vacuum

I have a dog.

Although I've been told that with her breed that is questionable as to whether or not she's really a dog. But I digress...

I'm always on the lookout for ways to groom her a little easier, train her a little better, etc. etc. and so on.  So today in my journeys on the internet - I found this...

The Shed-a-Way vacuum attachment by Bissell.
It attaches to your vacuum, and as you brush your dog, the hair is sucked up the tube and discarded of in the vacuum bag or container.
Problem is-vacuum has be to running for it to work.




I don't know about your dogs, but when mine hears the vacuum, this is what happens:

Something tells me the Shed-a-Way isn't such a great idea for my dog.  Just sayin'.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama. Is. Dead.

So why would I post that here?

First of all - because I am extremely proud of our American Military - which happens to include a few of my brothers, my nephew, and my niece...currently serving far far away.

and Second?

Because that means that a lot of these products are going to be Hot, hot HOT this week.

Stock up now.  You'll want yours for the celebrations that are certain to follow.


I don't drink coffee - but I want at least two of these. One for each hand.








You know, this would be great in the guest bathroom?

(Found at PrankPlace)




Along with this...nothing would give me more pleasure than plunging that head in my toilet repeatedly.  In the kids' bathroom. Ah yeah.

(found on




Let's not leave out the puppies.  They want to celebrate too.

Mission Accomplished.


(found on CafePress)


Anyway - Congratulations US Military.  Job well done.  Now, stay safe while you continue the amazing work you do.  Those of us at home appreciate it. Every Minute.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Royal Trinkets.

So I wanted to post about the shuttle launch. I wanted to comment on how cool it was and then show you some pretty interesting products in commemoration of the event. But - wouldn't you know it, I can't find any. They say that the shuttle didn't take off-but with the Royal Wedding and the Debacle concerning Princess Beatrices' hat-honestly I don't think American media has had a chance to discuss much else.

So, instead, I thought I'd share with you some more Royal Wedding Trinkets that you simply cannot live without.

Like this mug prominently featuring Catherine and her loving husband?

image Whatever. You see one Prince you've seen them all, right?

Okay well, we've got to have something else around here you'd like to see - *shuffling papers* - Yes! This DIY book is the perfect wedding trinket, and it's so personal when you make it yourself...

image no, that just won't do at all. To show the Queen in any color other than yellow is treason, is it not? (because she almost always wears yellow...or at least that's the color I always see her in, you know in my multiple sightings of her, on Television, in the middle of the night, while taking NyQuil).

If neither one of those work for you, then perhaps this is more your speed:


I mean, who wouldn't want to wake up each morning to get your daily crumpets and milk from this baby?

And if you pair it with your Charles and Diana Tea Towels, your kitchen would be fit for any Queen to visit?

(I'm going to stop right there. I could say so much more about a Wills and Kate kitchen, but - I'm going to show some restraint. What? Don't act so shocked.)

After you've decked out your kitchen in Royal regalia, and knitted your mini wedding, I think perhaps it might be time for a manicure...


and a cup of tea?


(not sure what the dollar bills are for in her hand?)

And finally, don't let your computer be left out of the phone. Purchase it a lovely mousepad with the official Royal Wedding Photo:


After all, you should have your copy of the bride's wedding photos before she does, should you not?

Come to think of it, I'm still waiting for my wedding photos. She's a lucky gal = getting married in the digital age. I believe all of mine are on film. For those of you that don't know what that is...ask your parents, be prepared for mean glares and possibly being told to go clean the bathroom, with your toothbrush, twice.

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