Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Road Bags

Seriously, it’s not what you think…or perhaps if you are like the tens of others who keep this company in business it IS what you think…either way – the only phrase that comes to mind is - “Not in MY car.”

These bags are for long road trips where the rest stops are few and far between (or closed due to state economic slow downs…)

The best part of these is the clever little mini van design for men…


Oh the things I could say about this…

One Manly Pun after another.

Seriously though, if they are for the manly man who refuses to stop to answer the call of nature (read the website sales copy – this thing just sells itself!) – shouldn’t these be shaped more like a stubborn mule and less like a Mini-van?  What does the image of a mini van conjure up for you?  Yep, me too – soccer mom with several kids.

Lest the women be left out – there is a ladybag too.  It boasts a wide rim for easy relief, and a fabulous Fig Leaf pattern.



Thinking about the logistics alone…

Choking on giggles.   Trying to be serious here…really.  This is serious stuff.

One simple request…Please, don’t buy these for long road trips with Grandma.  No one wants to see that.

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