Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What’s More Interesting…

The toy itself, or the directions?

Here’s the toy:


To be honest, I’m not entirely certain what this is.  The directions for use should help right?
    This is a very funny toy with a famous proverb "Money talks". Beautiful and funny song sings "money,money,money...I can do anything for you". Best gift for the kids. Description:

    • This Funny Skeleton Toy is a very funny Kids Toy with a famous proverb : Money makes the mare go.

    • A super funny Grinder Toy for your kids who is ups to 3 years old

    • Made of durable hard plastic

    • Grinding Skeleton Toy powered by 3AA batteries(not included)

    • Open the up cover of millstone, put some shampoo in it.

    • Add 10ml water from the pinhole

    • Fix the skeleton

    • Turn on the switch

    • Put a coin into the rectangle hole and then you can see the skeleton is grinding for money with flashing. When the foam falls off, open the up cover, put some shampoo and water in the millstone will be ok.
    Ummm…. yea, that clears it up, thanks.
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