Thursday, February 18, 2010

Commercials that Shouldn’t – Episode II

The Smart Mop.

I have to admit – the guy that invented the Smart Mop (which is essentially a mop made out of a Sham Wow!) was super genius.

I also have to admit that using the down economy as a marketing tool is also super genius.  This thing can actually save you money – what with being able to drink the soda that you just cleaned up off the floor and all…

Wait, what?

In these tough times – put it back into the glass, and it’s ready to drink again… thanks. I'm not thirsty anymore.

In case you are keeping score – marketing guys 2, producers of infomercial, 0.
(Video found on Youtube via “” which also is loaded with comedy gold.)
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Rabid said...

Okay, when I first heard about this thing, I thought: Yeah, it's just a shredded ShamWow. But if it works, it works. But DON'T DRINK THE MOP SODA! :)

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