Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to make the…tuna sandwich?

What sound does a Tuna make in the morning?  I have to admit, it’s a question that has plagued me … ok well, maybe it hasn’t – but it made a good introduction, right?

I’m not sure if Jessica Simpson had something to do with this one or not, but in my little world, I like to think she did. 


The guys over at x-tremegeek.com seem proud to know that a seemingly unassuming can of tuna fish could ruin mornings for college adolescents everywhere…because honestly, I don’t know anyone else that would have one of these.  Except maybe poor Jessica…but I’m just guessing.

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Gingah said...

So, uh.... Do you get cut on the sharp edges as you go to turn off the alarm, or what?

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