Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First, I’m sorry if there seems to be an over abundance of exercise products on this blog.  It seems though that the American obsession with diet and exercise has completely taken over the infomercial and strange product market.

That being said…remember seeing old commercials and late night movies featuring these:

Okay, ya – me either.  I’m not nearly that old.

However – apparently the shaking phenomenon has returned.  And, I have to say – this one is slightly more entertaining to watch that the old grainy film footage I remember seeing of the previous models.

There now, don’t you feel pounds lighter after watching that?  I know I got a work out just from the video itself!  My sides hurt!

The shake weight is available for both men and women…and I’m stopping here with the commentary – it’s better that way.

Thank you Mario D. for finding this one – now get back to work!
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Jessica said...

Wow, I can't wait to show Brad that when he gets home! That was truly amazing! :)

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