Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ever been somewhere and found something really cool and thought to yourself – “Man I wish my cell phone camera had a zoom lens so that I could get a really great photo of that!”

Of course you have.  But – you probably pulled your cell phone out of your pocket, snapped a quick pic, and were done with it.  Cell phone cameras are, after all, built for convenience and fun – not for major photography projects.

Until now.

Now you can purchase a telephoto lens that snaps right onto your cell phone.  (um…let’s not talk about the extra baggage you’ll now have to carry to protect such lens, or the time it takes to put it on the phone, secure it, ensure it’s in the proper place etc…)

image image image image

Um…is it just me – or ---well, if I was going to carry around extra photography equipment, why wouldn’t I just carry my camera bag with actual zoom and telephoto built in? 

I suppose this is only for the semi-serious photographer/paparazzi wanna-be…

“Just a minute Miley – please…I need to just snap on the telephoto…aw crap…I’m getting a call…”


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