Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Comment.

Really. None. Whatsoever.IMG_20110427_134139

Found at my local Target store.  While Shopping.  With my kids. Who wanted these. Real. Bad.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Hats.

So - no Fabulous find Friday post today - why? Because I'm super sick, and I-m on this medicine induced weird brain fest thing --- that coupled with the fever I've been running - I swear I'm hallucinating.

You know when you are sick and can't sleep you stay up all night watching TV? Well - I was just lucky enough to be ill on a night when The Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton (a commoner *gasp*) was being televised to the world. At two AM. Perfect.

So, here I sat, watching television, in a NyQuil state of euphoria (perhaps that's the fabulous find, no?) and I started seeing things pop across the screen. The first few weren't bad-


Understated, and actually kind of pretty - the Queen herself looks great in Yellow.

The Queen and Princess of Spain also used a great deal of restraint in their hat designs.


But then - I saw these...


She's a news-anchor's wife, so perhaps she didn't have anyone on the Royal Staff teaching her about grace and understated looks- (Like Catherine's dress-that was simply beautiful-like Princess Grace of Monaco.)

There were also several "Satellite Dish" designs-and in this image I don't know what's better, the hat or the facial expression?


(you see - she IS royalty - so there goes my theory that nobody counseled her on her clothing choice.)


A "vision" in blue ? seriously, I thought I was seeing things.


Possibly preparing herself for impeding alien attack? (If I just stand still, they'll think I'm a mushroom?)


Hat or bow, hat or bow ---- oh heck - we'll do both!

But this last one - totally took the cake.


What. The. Heck. Is. That? Is she a guest or is she gift wrapped?


Oh dear Princess...

Back to bed with me. I'm pretty sure I really am hallucinating. In order to have faith in fashion and humanity I must believe that.


Thank you to Krystal for suggesting I post about these. Not only did she give me a great idea, but she also made me feel a little more confident I wasn’t hallucinating, because she saw them too.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rose Art Tattoo Writer

For the four year old HellsAngel in all of our homes.


Tramp stamp stencil sold separately.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Commercials - The best of the worst.

By request of my sister - the amazing Janene - we are starting a new feature-The best of the worst commercials.

Weekly we'll post a commercial that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you reach for the remote control?every, single, time. We?ll post commercials that we've all seen - the ones that are like an accident on the freeway - you can't look away - even though you know you should. We'll post commercials that get a jingle in your head that you spend the rest of your day - sometimes your LIFE trying to get rid of.

So - starting this week - Commercials that Shouldn't...and we are kicking it all off with this wonderful little piece from Snuggie...

Now you can go on with your day.

by the way - should you find a commercial worthy of this honor - send it to me either via facebook ( or email -

Happy Surfing!


The Slob Stopper

What comes to mind when you hear that?

A giant security guard/bouncer dude at the door of a fancy restaurant making sure you are wearing the appropriate attire?

An automatic comb/brush/hair styling combo guaranteed to keep you polished to perfection?

A house cleaning robot that takes husbands and children and locks them in a closet until they learn to pick up their stuff and put it away? (ahhhh-let's just enjoy that picture for a moment...)

If your imagination led you to any one of the three above scenarios - then - well, you need a new imagination. I'll show you a picture to give you a hint?


Does this help?

No huh?

Still no idea what the "SlobStopper" could possibly be?

I probably shouldn't keep you in suspense much longer?

This ginormous 20" x 40" vinyl tarp is a bib.

For adults.

Or children with a pituitary disorder. Whatever.

You see - you wear it in your car so that if you happen to get your favorite fast food for your long commute - it doesn't end up all over your shirt during the drive.

And according to this video it's handy - and Sexy. Because nothing says sexy like a grown adult wearing a bib who can't seem to keep their beverages in their cup?

Although, as a Mom, I'm totally buying one to wear when I take my kids and their friends out in public. I think I might also "forget" I have it on and wear it into the store/mall/sporting event. That. Would. Be. Awesome.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


"The world's first foldable, removable, and adjustable beard."

My question is - who the heck would wear one of these-in public, and on purpose?

Obviously it would have to be someone crazy, and not in their right mind?
imageYea. Like that.
(see, this is totally funny, because I'm a Bears fan, and he's a total Cheese head.)

Thanks to Kim G. for sending this over-although I'm really surprised she had time to find this on the internet considering she's supposed to be a law student right now?

found on facebook - but I'm pretty sure they are also a legitimate company.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sushi Poppers

Mmmmm…Fresh Sushi…in a frozen cardboard tube and eaten much like a push pop ice cream treat…

Fresh and delivered daily.

As fresh as frozen sushi can be anyway.

(I’m classifying this as an edible gift – but you must know, I have my reservations about that.)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last iProduct…this week. Promise.

I’m sorry – I’m still a little dumbfounded at how the iPhone and iPod and iPad – and pretty much anything apple branded or related sells in droves.   DROVES I tell you.  People just flock to them like – kids in a vegetable store – or something like that.

Since I don’t have an iPhone or iPad – or anything with a little “I” in front of it this next product didn’t make any sense to me at all.  I wasn’t even going to post it here (I tend not to mock what I don’t understand…it’s a karma thing…) until a friend of mine explained to me that the locking mechanism on the iProducts is exactly like that…For the technologically challenged and for those who simply don’t care about iProducts – it’s a touch screen.  There’s a little bar on it that says “slide to unlock” and you use your finger to “slide” the button to open the phone and access it’s many amazing features – or you know – so you can play games.  Once  all that was explained to me, this product then made sense – and of course DEFINITELY had to be posted here.


A 17” magnet for the side of your car – which I’d totally buy if I wasn’t afraid that people would actually try it…although, it’d be totally fun to watch.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Burger Tunes

Because everything in America has to be associated with two all beef patties,special sauce,lettuce, cheese, pickles and onion on a sesame seed bun...including our music storage.

Found at Fry's Electronics...of course.

Gelli Baff

Or for those of us who still have our two front teeth – “jelly bath.”
Did you ever have the dream of swimming in a pool full of partially set jell-o?  Or did you ever try and dump hundreds of boxes of jell-o in your family swimming pool –only to get in really deep trouble from your parents/roommate/spouse when it clogs the pool pump? No? oh.  Oops. I never did that either.  Promise. I still have no idea how the pool turned into lime green sludge in the summer of 97.  Honest. (and my parents don’t read this blog – so Yay me.)
Anyway – Our friends across the ginormous lime-gelatin free pond known as the Atlantic Ocean think that everyone’s dream of a pool full of Jell-o should come true.  So they invented Gelli-Baff.
The powder turns regular bath water into – as one reviewer put it – “a big bath full of gelatinous poo” for your children to play in.
Remember Nickelodeon’s Slime awards?  Slimer from the Ghost Busters?  The jell-o pudding from Better Off Dead?
Yea, that is what this is – only they actually want you to put your kids in it – on purpose and without the promise of royalty payments (you know, from being a movie star). 
So my only question – is it bad that I’m now calculating just how much water and Gelli Baff it’s going to take to fill my Garden tub in my bathroom?
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Automatic Toilet Flusher.

I saw this amazing ad for a great product….as a mother of five (toilet flushing challenged individuals…) I was thinking HEY – This looks AWESOME!  Seriously – who wouldn’t want something that did the following:

  • Automatic Toilet Flusher just like those in Public Restrooms
  • Includes 4 Built-In Flushing Functions
  • Flushing Function 1: Sensor Flush with Adjustable Distance Sensor flushes when you Walk away from the Toilet
  • Flushing Function 2: Sensor Flush Plus Delay - Flushes Toilet with Sensor plus Additional 7 Second Delay
  • Flushing Function 3: Touch-Free Hand-Wave Flush - Flushes your Toilet with the Wave of your Hand in Front of Sensor
  • Flushing Function 4: Automatic 24 Hour Flush - Flushes Once a Day while you Travel
  • Installs in Less then 10 Minutes
  • Fits Virtually All Toilets in the U.S. & Canada
  • Batteries Included that last for up to 100,000 Flushes!

Amiright?  Honestly – every mother’s dream come true, right?


Except when you realize the product is marketed for use by Cats.

That’s right – cats.


There’s not a rule that says I can’t buy it anyway and install it for my kittens right?  I’ll even make them use a fuzzy headband with pointed ears and tail if needed. 

Notice I didn’t even MENTION the fact that there are people out there toilet training their cats.  There were no “Meet the Parents” references.  I think I should also get credit for NOT posting this video from their website.  I also haven’t mentioned anything about the toilet training kit for Cats.  Not a word.  I’ve really grown in maturity don’t you think?

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Yet another iProduct…

iReally think the reason iAlways make fun of iPhone products is because iJealous.

iDon’t have an iPhone – or an iTouch.  If iWant to play a game of pinball, for instance iWill go and play a game of Pinball – (let’s guess how often that happens now…anyone?  Anyone? iGuess you’ll never know.)

There’s something about a pinball machine that is fun, and nostalgic – and iSimply don’t believe you can replicate that on an iPhone.


Then again…iHave been wrong before.

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