Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pee Pee Bottle

This is supposedly designed to rescue parents from the disgusting public restrooms.  You simply open the lid, and allow your children to – um…relieve themselves into the special “My Pee Pee Bottle”.
Two things…
1) What kid has good enough aim so that this is entirely hygienic?
2) ….blank stare….nevermind….
And, just so you know – the product does come equipped with a warning:
“Do NOT allow the child to put the bottle or lids in his or her mouth”.
Yes, thank you for telling me that…wow, catastrophe avoided.
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darciekayes said...

Hilarious. Seriously who would buy this? But I am going to share with my friends for the laugh factor...

Gef Fox said...

That may be the grossest thing I've seen this week ... and I'm a horror fan.

happishopr said...

This seriously has to be one of the top worst ideas for kids. Thanks so much for the laugh.

Gingah said...

Oh, look! Alexis has her very own pee pee bottle lurking out there somewhere. Hmmmm....

Terri P. said...

omg. I hate to admit this but my sister used to let my nephew pee in a bottle/can/cup .. .whatever she had on hand in the van. He would have gladly used this. I have to say it gives me the shivers, too, and the gag reflex isn't far behind.

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