Friday, January 29, 2010

Fed Up With Politics?

Let your favorite politicians and government agencies know what you REALLY think of them with this fabulous product from

**disclaimer**(okay, just because a website is called Prank Place – and just because the products here are knowingly in the “gag gift –definitely not a serious purchase” category – I think this product still deserves a mention here, after all, someone WILL buy it…)

Ah hem…


Political Toilet Paper!
 image image
That’s right, show the political party of your choice how you feel about their “agenda” with an agenda of your own. 

image image image

Not an Obama fan?   Then the Barack Obama toilet paper is for you – Pelosi? Yep, she’s there too.  There’s even some George W paper – if that tickles your fanny  er, Fancy…(sorry)

Then there’s this paper - featuring Bin Laden – which in my humble opinion EVERY American household should have.  (Take THAT  - - - FLUSH….)

Where’s your little cave now?

And in honor of Tax Season – which is upon us (sorry about the reminder…)  Why not buy some form 1040 paper?  Every trip to the bathroom will be another statement made to the IRS…


Why not literally flush your frustration down the toilet?

I think we can all agree that this is a great way to stimulate the economy…so to speak.

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