Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comfort Wipe

I’ve learned almost everything I know about shopping and productivity from television.

For example, I’ve learned that there are many tasks out there that I simply shouldn’t be doing myself – especially when I can buy a specially designed tool to do it for me.

Many, many tasks.


Why, is this to make my bathroom cleaning easier?  More effective? More efficient?

er – um…sortof.

It’s Comfort Wipe – the bathroom wiping aid.

And no – it isn’t for the toilet – at least not directly.

I understand that there are certain medical conditions which might require certain assistance in the oh-so-personal areas that are commonly addressed in the bathroom.  Should that have been the angle that the manufacturers of the comfort-wipe had taken, that would be the end of it…but no – their slogan : “Because face it, Toilet Paper is Disgusting…”

**as far as I know – comfortwipe.com no longer exisits (ReallY???  you mean this one didn’t sell a million?)  But you can find it on Amazon.com.**

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