Monday, January 18, 2010

Be The Envy of the Neighborhood…

I love the movie “A Christmas Story” – what self respecting child of the 80’s doesn’t?

Of course my favorite scene is the one where Dad receives a “major award” in a giant boxed marked “Fragile” (must be from FRANCE!).    What would be inside said box?  A GIANT Lady leg, with a lampshade at the top of course!

Men across America salivated.

Women across America hid the checkbooks.

Luckily, there wasn’t a lamp like this available - - -in any store - - - until Al Gore invented the internet.


Can you hear the people in the neighborhood?  “what is it?”  “It looks like a giant leg”….

Buy Dad one today.  Mom will love you for it.  Really.  Just don’t blame her when it mysteriously breaks.  And, don’t expect an invitation to Christmas dinner either.

****just a note – someone will buy this – and has … it sold out at Christmas three years running.  ****

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