Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hug Me Pillow

For those nights when you are cold and alone -

How about a half of an upper torso to keep you company?


There are so many things I could say about this.  But, I’m leaning on my powers of restraint, and leaving the commentary up to you – and this lady – an actual reviewer comment left on the purchasing site:
“I bought this pillow to keep my company on nights when my husband, a correspondent for the Trans-Alaskan News Network, was out of town. The pillow exceeded even my wildest expectations. I'm told the pillow was modeled after Brad Pitt, and I believe it! When I first nestled against the soft, but firm chest of my new "husband" I slept better than I ever had before. Now I don't mind when my husband goes out of town!”
Blink.  Blink.  Letting the above comments soak in.  Shaking head…

And for some reason, I’m thinking further commentary wouldn’t be allowed on a “family” site.

For those who don’t believe me, the link is here:

That is all.
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eeglaze said...

That is hilarious! I guess people will buy anything. For someone who can't sleep alone I guess this beats going out and hiring someone to put their arm around you when your husbands gone. Me, I just have gotten used to my kids crowding around me and kicking me off my bed when my husband is gone.

Rabid said...

I think the only thing creepier than this would be the pillow I saw online a few months back that is in the shape of a woman's lap. Crazy.

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