Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pick Something Different

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t use your pickings to take a shower.

Hmmm…. this just in…you CAN use your pickings to take a shower!?!


(in case you can’t tell that’s the sound of silence.  Stunned silence.)

The person who thought this up was either someone who thoroughly enjoyed his nose pickings (and quite possibly paste eating) as a child, or someone who’s mother used the corner of a handkerchief twisted into a tight piece of nightmare-making-nose-cleaning torture.  (Ask my Dad about this one…)

Apparently the ‘booger’ shower gel comes in your choice of flavors – er uh, scents -  and colors as well.  (Ya, because that’ll help encourage your children NOT to eat their nose pickings.)

Oh well, I suppose I have heard of people finding worse things in the shower.

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