Friday, January 15, 2010

Put the Golfing King on his Throne!

Do you know a golf enthusiast?

Can your golfing loved one never get enough?
Is the current economic situation cutting back the time you or your loved one can spend on the links?

Well then, you need an AT HOME putting course…of course.

Fabulous right?  It comes with a green, a movable cup (so you can change the difficulty level) a special putter and two balls – and a DO NOT DISTURB sign….wait, what?


OH!  That explains it.  This is Potty Golf – for the golfer who’s (according to the website) game is “in the toilet”.  

AND the putting green is notched perfectly to fit around the base of the toilet – therefore no unsightly ripples or wrinkles to throw off your game.  This thing is sure to be a favorite in the million dollar homes of high powered-golf-for-lunch executives...and those that wish they were.

The big question is … does it also include a free can of air freshener – because you know – if your game didn’t stink before, it sure will now!!!

Thanks to Jessica J. for finding this gem. 
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Wordphiliac said...

Come on...if your sitting there, you mean to tell me you wouldn't take a swing?

Tamara said...

Of Course I would! I still think it's silly though :)

Tamara said...

Of Course I would! I still think it's silly though :)

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