Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monthly Doos

According to the website - “Everything is Dootiful, in it’s own way…”


These calendars – yes,  calendars (for those unfamiliar with the concept, these are 12x24 pieces of paper, folded and bound in the middle like a ancient times, before PDA's and Cell phones, people used these devices to put their appointments on and for general "date telling") – offer monthly views of poo artfully set in beautiful nature backgrounds …imagine this – a gorgeous moss covered rock in a blissful meadow full of flowers and eight pieces of dried out poo arranged in a heart shaped pattern delicately resting on the green and gold moss covered rock…

Ahh the tranquility, the peace…wait – that’s POO!

This is the calendar you buy for the sight-impaired folks in your family…and sit back and watch them exclaim just how gorgeous the settings are…

Luckily the calendar doesn’t come in scratch and sniff. (At least not yet…)

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