Friday, January 22, 2010

Nice to Meat You…

I’ve been to my share of conventions over the years.

I’ve collected a fair amount of business cards – I’d say easily in the thousands.

I’ve always found it a problem to remember which particular person I met went with which particular card.  After a few days of “meeting and greeting” and passing around cards – all of the names and faces blur together.

Enter the “Meat” card…

Never be forgotten again.

Seriously, never.


Unless of course your prospect gets hungry and eats it…

Of course – if you don’t have  a profession which required business cards…you can get Christmas Meat Cards as well.  Think of it … two gifts in one!  Better start working on that Christmas letter though, you are limited in space, and no – I don’t think he’ll print a family photo.  Meat has it’s limitations after all.

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