Monday, January 25, 2010

Commericals that Shouldn't - Episode I

There is a group of products that might very well be fine products - and have no strangeness about them whatsoever...okay, well maybe a little...but the commercials that have been created to advertise such products are worthy of mentioning.

Here is one such product.

That's right, The SLAP CHOP - I have to admit, I own one of these - or at least the pricier version from The Pampered Chef - and I love it, however one thing that I've never said while using this product is:

"You're Gonna Love My Nuts..."

That's right. Listen carefully.

Here's the original infomercial:

And here's the part in question:

Shaking my head endlessly---who exactly wrote this anyway, or did poor Vince adlib? Either way, it's commercial gold...
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