Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday – Sleep.

You got it.  Sleep.

There is no actual fabulous find today – why?


With the opening of the week including a major technological crash (my cell phone), meet the teacher, school shopping, pre-teen frustrations and puppy dog training (she hates people…another story all together…)I’ve just not had any opportunity to find something really rockin’ awesome to share.

So, the thing I reccomend this Fabulous Friday?

Cuddle up with the one you love, put on a great movie, and relax.

We’ll be back to normal (as normal as I can be anyway – really) tomorrow.

And, if you have any fabulous finds suggestions, send them my way. 

Have a great day!  I’m off to do more shopping…school starts Monday.  Oh and on that note…enjoy my most favorite commercial ever:

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Cindi Manwaring said...

This is my all time favorite back to school commercial also. It makes me smile every time I see it still. I don't think it ever gets old.

Krista Freier Tjossem said...

Wow.... school starts already? Guess I forgot that about AZ. :) We don't start until the day after Labor Day around here- my school the week after. I have another month to procrastinate getting school supplies. :)

Gingah said...

LOVE the look on the kids' faces! Ha ha ha!!!

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