Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yet another product that I am a victim proud owner of.


You see ----  *enter sad infomercial music here*  I was born with…fine, limp hair.

It’s true.  I know.  Someone should hold a telethon.

So, because you already know that I’m a very hip and with it – and NOW type of person – and the only way for me to get the latest style in my hair was to back comb it until there was a little bit of height in it.

Yes, I’ve also tried root lifter.  And I feel that product is inappropriately named.  It did not lift my roots at all – they still had sad little faces and poor attitudes.

Anyway I bought some bumpits with the hope of an age-appropriate hair style that didn’t require much back combing or uplifting of the roots.

Let me ask you a question…have you ever back combed your hair (ratted, teased, etc) and then gotten your comb stuck and had to pull it out? 

Or have you moms ever tried to get a sucker (previously sucked on) out of a child’s hair?

That is exactly what it takes to get a bumpit out of your hair.

There are tiny little comb-like teeth on the banana shaped dohickey.  You are supposed to tease your hair and then insert the bumpit then gently smooth the rest of the hair over it.



Maybe I’m inept.  I suppose this could all be user error.  But it took me a solid 30 minutes (and lots of tears) to get the stupid thing out of my hair.  While there was a lot of laughter coming from the other room.  I’m going to assume  my family was watching an old episode of The Andy Griffith Show and not laughing at me.

It doesn’t matter anyway.  I’ve given up.  I don’t need hair like this:


wait – that’s what it looked like after removing the bumpit…


yea, that’s it…I don’t need hair like this.

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Gingah said...

um...ouch, my dear! I thought this would be a good idea because teasing hurts so bad to get out. Obviously didn't realize you have to tease AND insert the comb. Thank you for saving my poor hair...even when curly.

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