Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today’s post is a little different – I have the two best friends in the world, and I need to share.

Okay, if you are already a fan on Facebook – you’ve already heard that we have a goal to get 1000 fans by July 4th.  Yes, it was a lofty goal but I firmly believe in dreaming big.

(if you aren’t a fan, please do so by going here: – more hilarity ensues there…promise.  Besides, it’ll make a girl happy – and you know you want to make me happy….)

Anyway -  last night I made a wish that I would wake up this morning to 1000 fans.



This morning this is what greeted my on my Facebook Wall:


“Tamara – check your doorstep.”


When I opened the box:


“Now you have 1000 fans.  From your two biggest fans.”


“This page has 50 fans.”

Alright, so I haven’t taken the time to count how many pieces of paper are in the box, but I pretty much can guarantee that there are enough to make 1000.

For the record, I love my friends.

This also proves that I’m not crazy, I’m perfectly normal – in my own little corner of the world anyway.

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Gingah said...

"This also proves that I’m not crazy, I’m perfectly normal – in my own little corner of the world anyway."
---Can I plead the 5th on this one? Of course you're crazy, dear. It's why we love you so much!

Sharon Davis said...

I love your fans almost as much as I love you!

Jessica Seng Jensen said...

You have awesome friends!! It's so nice that they thought of you!

Adrienne said...

Yes, you are normal...just as normal as Gingah and I!!! We had to make your wish come true. Everyone needs to have a wish come true once in a while!

Love ya

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