Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Admit It, I’m A Sorter…

Today is my birthday - (which explains the late post…or at least I say it explains it.  None of the activity explained below has anything to do with this late post…promise.)

Anyway – two of my friends (remember the ladies with the fans?  Yea, them…)  noticed that I’m apparently incapable of eating Skittles candy without sorting them first.

Yes, I sort my Skittles – you can blame my mother for that.  I love her for it too – really I do. really.

So these two friends took it a step further and decided that if I can’t eat Skittles without sorting them, I probably can’t eat any other mixed colored candy without sorting it either.

Guess what – they were right.

All this week, every day – twice a day – I’ve received a package.  What was in the package?  A small bowl filled with mixed colored candies.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


There was even one full of M&M’s – plain and peanut together in the same bowl. OH THE HUMANITY!  ahem…sorry, I’m better now.  Honest.

Problem was, once I sorted the plain from the peanut – I couldn’t leave it alone.

All those colors mixed together just looked… messy.

So, here it is, in all my obsessive compulsive disorder.

 Photo0556Photo0560Photo0559Photo0562 Photo0558Photo0561Photo0557   

So here’s my product proposal – because I know I’m not the only sorter out there…

I KNOW I’m not – and don’t tell me otherwise…I’m not crazy…la la la la la*fingers in ears…*I’m not listening!I 

Please – candy companies of the world…sell your flavors as individually packaged novelties.    I’m telling you – it’s a new niche market.  You’ll make millions.

Millions…you hear me – there’s at least that many people out there like me. 

Shut up – there are too.  Let me believe it.  It makes me feel better.

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Adrienne said...

That is fabulous. I cannot believe that you sorted them all. We love you in all your OCDness :)

yoktom said...

I didn't. I refuse to sort/eat the Rainbow nerds.

Ski said...

I see nothing wrong with that sis. I would love candy companies to help us out. That is why I love the M & M Store. Its like heaven walking in there, seeing all of the colors in individual tubes. They were thinking of us!!

Gingah said...

What???? No sorted rainbow nerds? What is the world coming to?
Were you able to put together a puzzle with the cards, yet?

Primarymary2 said...

I never thought about sorting M&Ms. I usually mix all of the different kinds in a bag and reach in to grab them without even looking. I'm not sure you can get the full flavor of a mixed color candy if you don't eat multiple colors at the same time.

Gingah said...

Yer killin' me, Smalls! Yer killin' me!
(I'm just jealous because you can make candy last long enough to actually sort it at your house. I wouldn't have a piece left by now!)

Kim Webb Goodman said...

Your photos comfort me my sister in OCD.

Krista Freier Tjossem said...

glad it's not only me that separates. :) But I usually do it while I'm eating them. Pour them in a bowl, root around and eat all of one color first, etc. And of I MISS one?! It has to stay till the end because it would mess up the flavor change to go back for one. Makes it last longer too. And each candy has a different order that it gets eaten in depending on the flavors. And yes, I do this to trail mix too. I'm just no fun. :)

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