Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bark Off

Again, I’m not a dog owner – but…This is Bark Off – An ultrasonic sound wave (or something like that) that annoys dogs to the point that they will stop barking.


There seems something strange (and somewhat mean) to me about hurting your dog’s sensitive ears so that they will no longer bark. 

Of course the ad doesn’t come right out and say that it hurts the dog…but it kind of seems like the same concept that my sisters and I enlisted as kids

“ow, quit it!”


“OW!  Quit IT!!!”

*pinch a little harder*

“OWWWWW!!! I’m gonna tell Mom!”

*pinches even harder* - “If you tell mom anything I’m going to make it REALLY hurt!”


Okay, on second thought, being a big meanie to achieve silence is incredibly effective.

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Guest said...

I've read a lot about bark off online and the results seem mixed but It's worth a try if you are suffering. But, I'm not sure how it works, this site seems to endorse it though.

Hope This Helps anyone who might try this out

kimsch said...

Okay, I bought one. It DOES NOT work. The dogs don't react to it at all and people can hear it squeaking when any noise is made. It just squeaks some...

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