Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Birthday Present

My husband, (also known as the “best husband ever”) bought me the greatest birthday present.

Her name is Summer and she is 4.5 pounds and 5 years old.

P1080888 P1080893 

So As I was looking for puppy accessories (you know, toys, leashes, collars, bones – stuff like that)  I found a few things that I consider to be, well – perfect for this site.

Let me show you a few things from my online adventure:


Apparently these purses are all the rage in Czechoslovakia. For adult women.  Apparently they didn’t quite get the Paris Hilton dog IN a purse thing.  They went directly to the purse shaped like a dog.  At least this one won’t run away…maybe.

Or this one – Space dog.


Yea, that’s not creepy looking at all.  Kinda looks like they wrapped her in tinfoil.  I think the person who designed this has had one too many Costco hot dogs…just sayin’.

Or, Gold tone:


I’m thinking it’s a bit too much like something you’d find in King Tut’s tomb.

and finally


Yea, that’s not disturbing…

Ok, yes – yes it is.  Here’s one more picture of my cute puppy to get that image out of your mind:


Much Better.

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