Monday, July 19, 2010

The Barkalator…

Maybe I watch too many episodes of Phineas and Ferb.  With the kids.  Yea, with the kids – we’ll go with that.

Anyway for some reason I see this product as something invented by the inept Doofenschmirtz.

And I also imagine him calling it “The Bark A Late Or” as only he can.


And explanation from Professor Doofenschmirtz:


You see, the little thing around his neck translates his FEEEELllings into human speech that comes out of the hand held dohickey.  It can tell you if she’s saaaad, hungry, or just needs to use the bathroom!  I will use it to be friends with all the dogs in the world (because you know, Perry, as a small boy I had a dog once and I could never figure out what she needed.  We never became the close friends that we could have been and I was such a sad little boy) What – what are you doing? Where are you going Perry the Platypus?  Perrrrry?

See, it now makes all the sense in the world.  A Barkalator (It’s actually called a Bowlingual Translator – but I like Barkalator better) will be coming to a store near you – if you live in Japan it will be near to you I mean, not anywhere near you in the United States…but you know, sort of.   Did I mention to use it you also need to know Japanese?  That’s just a small problem, right?

Oh, and here’s a video about Doofenschmirtz and Perry – just in case you have no idea who they are…and if you have no idea, I feel bad for you – I mean, really?

(My post is about dogs, and this is the closest Doofenschmirtz reference to Dogs I could find on Youtube.  Also, this show is on The Disney Channel – DISNEY people.  Thanks.)

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