Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just In Case You Need To Pass Your Civil Service Requirements…

If you are an Andy Griffith fan – that makes sense to you.

If not, well – I feel sad for you.  Really, really sad.

You see, I’ve only seen this item once before:


And this is where I saw it:

One full inch taller huh?  Hmmmm…perhaps I should rethink this and make it a Friday Post? 

I am going to go lock myself in a closet now.  I’ll promise to come out when I’m at least one full inch taller – that’ll make me at least 5 feet tall.

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Brandy said...

omg hhahahaha i actually know what that is and why....it's an OVER THE DOOR CERVICAL TRACTION UNIT! its used for people that have cervical disc compression...lol I work for a chiropractor!

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