Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fashion Tech-sessory

Admit it, you like the title of this post.


I’ve spent the last two days trying to set up a new cell phone.  You would think that in this age of all the technological advances and blah blah blah – there’d be an easier way to do this.

And for the record, I’m NOT technologically challenged.  Promise.

But – I do love me a good piece of technology.  And a good purse.  I have several purses.

I do not have this purse:


And quite frankly I’m confused…is this so that people around you can watch TV?  Because walking and watching cannot be safe…  Is there going to be a rash of women walking down crowded streets holding their bags in front of their faces because the latest “Twilight” movie is playing on their bag?  Imagine the car accidents – you thought driving and putting on makeup was bad – how about driving while watching Edward and Jacob fight for Bella’s undying love and devotion?

It’s a safety issue I tell you – safety PEOPLE!

And just imagine those women that suffer from OCOS disorder – Obsessive Compulsive Oh SHINY! – This is just plain cruel.  Am I right Ginger?  Ginger? – hey get away from those marbles….Ginger…GINGER????

(Love ya Gingah – mean it babe!)

Oh and if you do decide the safety risk is worth it…be prepared to pay top dollar for this one of a kind hand bag – and for the TV service subscription as well.

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Gingah said...

Does it come in FB green, though? ...just sayin'.

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