Thursday, July 15, 2010


Remember these?


Yea me too.  Ahhh…good times.

Since my birthday is coming up – two of my friends decided to take me on a walk down memory lane, and bought me some of these:


You see, they are like Garbage Pail Kids – for grownups.

Some of the products included on these cards:


hehehehehe….Gripe Nuts – they stay grouchy even in milk.  Cap’n Crutch – the cereal the goes down with the ship.  And Zilla Wafers – the cookies that terrorized Tokyo!

And they are stickers too…and include bubble gum…you know just in case you really want to relive your teenage days.

(For the record…I do not in any way shape or form take any responsibility  for the injuries caused to your adult jaw by chewing bubble gum.  In fact, I do not recommend anyone over the age of 14 attempt it.)

Thank you Ginger and Adrienne…really.  I’m still looking for ways to pay you back.


Gingah said...

Yea...but...but...there's even a puzzle on the back of the stickers! They are just so...useful. ROFL

Kimmer G said...

You can still buy Garbage Pail Kids.

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