Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Better Bears

Okay, sorry ya’ll for going “radio silent” these last few days.  Seems that whatever this ickyness is that is going around has hit my house – and as a mother of five, that means a whole lot of Motrin, cough syrup and tissues.

Of course, it means more snuggles for mommy too – which I admit, I don’t hate.

Anyway – in one of my many outings to the local pharmacy to get provisions – I saw these:


Here’s the deal – I’m all about trying to find new and innovative ways to get my kids to take their medicine.  I grew up in an era where my mother used to dissolve my medication into a bowl of applesauce (to this day, I still do NOT like applesauce, but at the time, it worked!)  I struggle with the Motrin in a cup or syringe sometimes – especially with my three year old…

But to me – making medicine look, taste and feel like candy?  That registers all sorts of bad thoughts and images in my mind…in our house, we keep the medicine up as high as possible – out of the reach of the kids, not in the candy cabinet. 

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