Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commercials that Shouldn't - HP Printer Baby

I don't even know if I found this one cute at first - of course the hundreds of hours of play time it got in it's first week could be the reason for that.  But that's not why I posted it here today...Did you know this video caused an outpouring of support for child actors and child labor laws?  Seems there were a whole bunch of people upset that the baby was being dragged through the desert in a walker against their will.

(before they grow up to be weird people that don't understand green screen technology and would believe that a production company would actually drag a baby though miles and miles of road and dirt just for a commercial...)

Don't believe me?  Read the comments on the youtube site where this was posted.  An exec from HP actually had to post this statement:

Some facts are needed. I was involved with the production. The commercial was done on green screen. There are very strict rules for child actors to protect their safety, comfort and protect their financial interest. All in compliance.Rules are very strict about how long the child can actually be on camera which is why triplets were used and not one child. This is to ensure the kids were given breaks and their well being came first. Enough with the? abuse. Children were safe. Period.


No actual children were harmed in the writing of this post.  While I do not use green screen technology in my work, I do always keep the health and welfare of the children first. My children are always safe and protected and free from harm. Why? Because I use one of these...

Thank you.

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