Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Tooth Fairy!

My kids ask a lot of questions…

Why is the sky blue?

How come my eyes are brown and Daddy’s are green?

What’s the square root of 1863936930?

Ya know, basic kid stuff.

But lateley (with two of the kids in the “tooth losing” stage in life) the question has been, “What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?”


Maybe this?


That is one talented tooth fairy.  I’m tellin’ you.  I mean check out the realistic details!

Oh wait…no – these custom painted crowns are actually meant to be worn…in the mouth.  “Hey dude, you have something stuck on your uh…..is that a ROOSTER?”

Yep – and this one  (my personal favorite)


See, now that’s a a University of Utah logo.  And you UTE fans think that us BYU fans are crazy….harumph! (and to Ski (my poor misguided UTE fan Sister…Pllllbbbbbbbttttt!)

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rowdygirl said...

Well I'm disappointed! I was always told that my baby teeth were taken and polished into diamonds, and placed in engagement rings when people fell in love. : )

Tamara Johnson Hancock said...

What a beautiful thought----and that does explain why toothpaste gets my wedding ring so sparkly clean!

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