Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Automatic Everything…

Have you ever seemed to notice that almost everything is going “touch free” these days? 

Take the toilets and water faucets in public restrooms for example…they are activated by a tiny little motion sensor which when it no longer senses you – or in the case of the sink it DOES sense you it activates the running water.

Personally, one of my favorite past times is standing in the ladies room watching people do the “turn the water on” dance in front of the automatic faucets…trust me…this is good clean fun.

Now, while I agree, these things are very cool in a public (and admittedly germy environment – hence the “touch free” appeal)…at home, I just see this thing being a little out of place.


This is an automatic paper towel dispenser from our friends at Hammacher.  Maybe it’s just me (which I’m totally okay with) but having this thing in the kitchen would no more save frustration than it would money.  Here are my reasons:

1) I have five children.  A cool thing like this in the kitchen?  Right…enough said.

2) Because of number 1 I’m pretty sure the darn thing would always be empty.

3) I like to get up in the middle of the night from time to time to get my children drinks of water…(wait, did I say I LIKE to do that? huh…)  I can just see this thing “seeing” me and scaring the living daylights out of me at 3 AM.  I’m also pretty sure that the resulting hole in the window (from me throwing it through it) would not go over well with the HOA.

4) The motions of flailing my hands furiously in front of the motion sensor may immediately dry them…reducing the need for the paper towel in the first place.  On the plus side for me – less paper towels used.  On the plus side for my family – free “Mommy’s finally lost it” entertainment.

and finally 5) My husband is an engineer.  The chances this thing would end up as spare parts within a week of removing it from it’s packaging is pretty high.  Although, it might be entertaining to watch him attempt to attach the motion sensor to the television set for Jedi Mind tricks channel surfing….

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