Saturday, June 12, 2010

Roast My Weenie

Okay, so I know for absolute certainty someone will buy these – although in the one documented case I’m aware of it was a situation of mistaken purchasing.

Or so they say…

Anyway, while this is a family friendly site, I’m simply going to direct you to the website where weenie roasters of all um…shapes and sizes…can be found.

and here’s a taste of some of the products you will find:


It’s an elephant people…an elephant.  Sheesh.

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rowdygirl said...

Guess it's my sick sense of humor, or the fact that I am the mom of 5 sons, but I think these are hilarious. My hubby actually made something of this sort for gifts last year... But they were cowboys. Gotta say~ I would probably buy one just for fun. : )

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