Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As Long as We Are Discussing Beauty-“enhancing” Products…

Can we please address the issue of Butt Pads?

I’m not talking about the charcoal Subtle Butt that we’ve featured before.

No, I’m talking about adding some extra fluff in your bottom, junk in your trunk, round to your ---well, okay you get the point.

The folks over at Feel Foxy want you to know that you can have a “cute round bottom as seen on Tyra Banks” with these silicone bottom enhancing pads.  (I think that these were featured on Tyra Banks’ show, not that they are saying you’ll get Tyra Banks’ bottom…then again, one never knows…)





Or you could use the second most preferred method by women everywhere (and most likely more enjoyable)

Chocolate.  Consumed in large quantities.

Of course, if you are kind of less graceful – these silicone pads might protect you from a painful fall…

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Sharonsevy said...

Ok, people do exercised to get rid of what they want to pay for in these ads. I think it's kind of funny!

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