Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Or Not Real

*enter music and 25 gorgeous 20-something men (think GQ here people…)with briefcases…*

Hello, and welcome to REAL or NOT REAL – the show that helps you determine if the marketing geniuses at ACME are behind these fabulous new products or if they actually are products that someone “WILL BUY”…I’m Wowie Canttell – and our first contestant is IDA Buyanything.

In the first case – the iARM…the hands free device for all of your electronic needs…

Wowie: What do you think?  Real or Not Real???

IDA: *excited shopper with credit card in hand…*

REAL, definately real Wowie!  I want ten!

Wowie: oh.  so CLOSE…but oh so far- no, unfortunately this one is not real.  Please exit slowly as not to hurt yourself.

OK, for our next contestant – Cyn E. Cal

Cyn – here is your product – tell me, real, or not real: The BUTTER STICK…


Cyn E Cal: Oh Wowie, give me something hard, this is definitely NOT REAL.  Seriously, who would buy this?

Wowie: Are you sure about that?

Cyn: Totally, there’s no way that is a real Product…give me the money and let’s move on.

Wowie: OH So sorry!  The butter stick IS Real.  In fact, it is popular in New Zealand, and was in fact the subject of a Science fair project at Kamo Intermediate School.  Better luck Next time Cyn E Cal…


*Cyn E Cal leaves with the beefcake man and the briefcase waving his arms and shouting out various obscenities at Wowie*

Wowie: Some people just cannot handle the truth!

Okay, for our final product today, tell me new contestant Max Dought – is this REAL or NOT REAL – this one comes to us all the way from our friends in Japan…


Max Dought – real or not real?

Max: Wowie, I’m just not sure on this one, but it really SEEMS like a good idea…

Wowie: We really need an answer.

Max: I just don’t know!!!

*buzzer sounds*

Wowie:Well, that’s all the time we have for today!  Tune in next week to find out if this product is REAL or NOT REAL!  In the mean time – you can cast your vote below!

Happy shopping everyone!

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Phil said...

I almost did a spit-take on the iArm. So glad that's fake, haha.

I know the truth about the eyedrop glasses but I won't spoil it. :)

Roberts_adrienne said...

Love the new show :)

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