Friday, May 13, 2011

Sky Rest Travel Pillow

I've not been sleeping very well lately.

Could be the cold I've had.

Could be that it's coming up on our spring carnival at school (which I'm in charge of ) and nothing is ready.

Could be stress over the recent flood and subsequent deconstruction of my laundry room...

Could be a lot of things.

Anyway, I am not sleeping well.

Normally it isn't too bad - unless any combination of the above comes into play - or if I'm on an airplane.

I hate sleeping on airplanes.

I actually hate flying altogether.

Maybe - to help me on both fronts then, sleeping and flying, I need to get me one of these:


Yep, this is the answer to all my woes.  Until the guy in front of you reclines his seat, and the kid behind you starts kicking yours and the flight attendants try to bring your drink - and then there is the whole pesky, "seat backs and traytables in the fully upright and locked position."

Plus, it just makes you look like a dork.

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