Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Commercials that Shouldn't - Vintage Ads

There are a ton of ads that run daily that deserve a mention - but - - - bad ads started somewhere.  Let's take a look at some of the ads that plagued us as children - the ones that will stay with us forever, no matter how hard we try to forget.

Head On ... a company that is so successful they could only produce a 10 second commercial and then played it in a loop in order to fill the 30 second spot..."apply directly to the forehead" ... that is after you bang it into the wall repeatedly after seeing this commercial ninety times while watching daytime television (which also may be causing you to bang your head against the wall - depending on the channel.)

Who can forget this one?  Seriously - who can???  I think it's still playing. I wonder if this ad would hold up as evidence if I actually did return my tire that way...they did ask me to, right?

Of course if I didn't put this one in a post about annoying vintage commercials - I'd probably lose my blogger license.  Really, they'd create one and then take it away because I didn't include the "Where's the Beef" lady.  On a side note - whenever I eat at any fast food restaurant I still wonder if that question has been answered...

Last but not least...this little bit of awesomeness.  I'm confused isn't Hawaiian Punch a kids drink???  What are they selling here anyway?

Oh and bonus points for the commenter that names the celebrity endorsements...

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