Monday, May 9, 2011

Forever Lazy

I have to give the product name credit.  It does make me wonder what in the world it is - and secretly makes me want it, if it works that is.

What woman out there wouldn't like the opportunity to be "forever lazy?"

What woman wouldn't enjoy a day actually sitting around watching Grey's Anatomy (or insert your favorite non-animated show here)and eating bon bons at least one day in her life?

The name Forever Lazy conjures up robotic maids and in house chefs and grocery delivery, and pool boys named Gorgeous...or Bob.  Whatever - as long as they wear the uniform (you know what I mean...)

Forever Lazy certainly doesn't conjure up this:


It's not a Snuggie - it's a fitted blanket - with sleeves and legs and - yes - a trap door you can use when you need to answer the call of nature.

imageCan you say sexxxxxy?

Now can you say it with a straight face while referring to this thing?????

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