Monday, May 16, 2011

Denim and G-Strings

And now I've seen it all in the world of fashion.

The thing is, either I'm old or I'm completely out of touch with fashion these days because I honestly don't see the appeal to the average woman when it comes to these jeans.  The average I see where he'd enjoy seeing these worn...but the average woman? 

Of course, I have a daughter that wears high tops with shorts (as do the majority of her friends) and another daughter who swears pink ruffles are all the rage in the third maybe I'm not the one to ask when it comes to fashionable things...I get my advice from a 12 and 9 year old.  (Neither of which, by the way, would ever leave my home in these...not while I was still blessed with the gift of sight anyway).  You see - we have two rules in our house - your clothes have to be clean before you leave the house, and you cannot own anything that could possibly be mistaken for Snooki's wardrobe.



Sorry folks, if you want these, you're going to have to make them yourself or goto Korea or Japan.  They haven't quite made it to US retailers yet...I'm still flabbergasted as to why the buyers for Bloomies haven't jumped on these yet....

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