Monday, May 23, 2011

Loo Read

I know we've covered this a few times.  As a mother of five, I rarely get time alone.  I do retreat from time to time to the household throne room, close and lock the door and just bask in the quiet solitude.

(of course I only do this in the Master bedroom throne room - the others in the house aren't quite as relaxing if you get my drift...or if you were to get a whiff...same diff...hey I'm a poet!  Look ma, I can RHYME! on second thought, maybe a little free time outside of the throne room would be a good idea.)


According to the manufacturer - it's perfect for the tabloid sized newspapers - (because this is created in the UK an tabloid is the name for an actual newspaper - with real news and stuff, not just pictures of the latest mars invasion)  But larger newspapers will work well too with minimal overhang. 

Because the last thing you want in the bathroom is overhang.

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