Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama. Is. Dead.

So why would I post that here?

First of all - because I am extremely proud of our American Military - which happens to include a few of my brothers, my nephew, and my niece...currently serving far far away.

and Second?

Because that means that a lot of these products are going to be Hot, hot HOT this week.

Stock up now.  You'll want yours for the celebrations that are certain to follow.


I don't drink coffee - but I want at least two of these. One for each hand.








You know, this would be great in the guest bathroom?

(Found at PrankPlace)




Along with this...nothing would give me more pleasure than plunging that head in my toilet repeatedly.  In the kids' bathroom. Ah yeah.

(found on




Let's not leave out the puppies.  They want to celebrate too.

Mission Accomplished.


(found on CafePress)


Anyway - Congratulations US Military.  Job well done.  Now, stay safe while you continue the amazing work you do.  Those of us at home appreciate it. Every Minute.

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