Thursday, May 26, 2011

SO much for imagination

Are kids these days really so devoid of imagination that a good felt tip pen can't create a memory anymore?

Really, a hand drawn eyeball on your hand doesn't create hours of fun and puppet play anymore?


Honestly, where's the imagination these days?  When I was a kid, I could have totally dreamt these up with a ball point pen and a flashlight.  Possibly some bubble gum and a paperclip too - er, no, wait, that was MacGuyver.  Sorry - wrong memory.

Either way - kids are just not as creative on their own as we were as kids.  Honestly, when I was little I had a stick and some string and I was entertained for hours.  No - wait, that was my cat...or Huckleberry Finn...either way, wrong memory again my apologies.

I guess I really did have a deprived childhood.  But still - it is a sad world we live in when kids can't just enjoy a hand drawn face on someone's hand while it makes animal noises...wait...nevermind.

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